PTFE-Compounds - Individually Adapted Property Profiles

As one of the leading processors of PTFE, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics is able to specifically control the properties of the PTFE compounds produced in its own compounding facilities through the addition of fillers and optimize them for each application.
Decades of experience, continual development in this area, and a portfolio of several hundred special compounds ensure the optimal result for our customers. Materials filled with graphite and carbon fiber increase wear resistance – for example, for industrial applications. The use of fiberglass as a filler can reduce the creep tendency of the base material, while bismuth carbonate is suitable as a filler in medical applications to make tubes visible on the fluoroscopic screen.


Properties of PolytetraflonTM-PTFE that can be Modified by Fillers

  • Increase in wear resistance
  • Reduction of cold flow under load
  • Increase in thermal conductivity to many times the usual level
  • Reduction in thermal expansion
  • Change in electrical properties
  • Specific coloring
  • Detectability by increasing the radiopacity
  • Practically nonexistent water absorption, resistance to hot vapor