MoldflonTM High Performance Plastics

MoldflonTM- Injection Molding and Extrusion at the Highest Level

At ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics, our thermoplastic materials are brought together under the MoldflonTM material family. Our material experts use the required property profile to select the material that is ideally matched to your specifications.
With MoldflonTM-PTFE, -PFA, -FEP, -ETFE, -PCTFE, -PVDF, -PEEK, -PPS, -PPA, -POM,
-PA, and -PEI, we have a suitable solution for every task.


Our fully and partly fluorinated materials MoldflonTM-PTFE, -PFA, -FEP, -ETFE, -PCTFE, and -PVDF are often used in applications with stringent requirements regarding chemical resistance and antiadhesive properties, such as in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Our MoldflonTM-PEEK, -PEI, and -PPS materials are an outstanding choice for high-temperature-resistant structural components with great pressure resistance and a high degree of dimensional stability. MoldflonTM-PTFE, -PEEK, -PA, and -POM can generate considerable advantages for our customers, particularly in tribological systems.

The properties are further optimized in numerous special compounds with the help of fillers such as carbon fiber, graphite, or organic or mineral particles, and adapted specifically to the application and customer.
Injection molding of high volumes or the extrusion of continuous profiles creates significant economic advantages for our customers.

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