Powertrain Fuel

The pressure increases

Vehicle manufacturers must exploit the full potential of modern engines to make them more efficient in terms of emissions, fuel consumption, performance and compactness. Extreme temperatures, pressures, aggressive materials and other stressors must be mastered. Made from high-performance plastics, our components meet the highest requirements with ease, resulting in greater efficiency and environmental friendliness.  


  • For separating fuel and engine oil in high-pressure gasoline and diesel injection pumps: spring-energized PTFE grooved rings
  • For high-pressure gasoline injection valves: PolytetraflonTM-PTFE and MoldflonTM-PTFE seals made of materials that are particularly stable under pressure
  • In fuel pumps and camshafts/crankshafts: as as rotary shaft sealing rings or sealing lips in the form of housing inserts made of thermoplastic materials
  • For lambda sensors in catalytic converters: multifunctional PTFE blow-molded tubes and cable routing
  • Throttles as multicomponent parts made of MoldflonTM PPS and PolytetraflonTM PTFE sealing lip