Thermal Management

Safely regulated

Highly efficient control of cooling circuits. In modern internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric drives, efficient closed-loop control is regarded as key to reducing CO2 emissions. Our components and solutions made of high-performance plastics serve to efficiently seal circuits. In doing so, they meet requirements for lifelong leak tightness, safety and functionality under a wide range of operating conditions. Uncompromising and reliable.


  • Seals and sealing elements made of MoldflonTM-PTFE. Produced by injection molding, they ensure maximum design freedom in individual designs as compared to conventionally manufactured solutions
  • Material durability and the avoidance of stick-slip effects through excellent material properties combined with Plug & Seal designs offer our customers a unique technical and economic added value.
  • Gaskets, individual assemblies up to complete modules for regulating the cooling water circuit