Modular Heat Exchangers

The Versatile One

Modular Heat exchangers made of  Moldflon™-PVDF, -PP or -PE are used  for cooling or heating aggressive liquids in containers. They are made  of individual tube modules and  standardised components. The tube  modules are provided with a rigid  frame into which the inflow and outflow lines of the medium are integrated.


The modular design enables a wide spectrum of dimensions  and heat exchange surfaces to be combined in a compact and  stable design. Up to 3 modules side by side and up to ten layers  enable heat exchange surfaces from 0.4 m2 up to 45 m2.
The position  and type of brackets as well as the connection tubing can be customised  to suit an individual installation.

Every single tube module is  tested before final pressure test of the complete assembly.

Plastic heat exchangers are corrosion-free and chemical resistant, made out of Moldflon™-PFA,  -ECTFE,  -PVDF, -PP or -PE have been manufactured by ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics for many decades. Standard solutions as well as custom designs are available and supplied across a wide range of industries.
Plastic Heat Exchangers Overview


Our Heat Exchangers are designed using computer models based on customer-specific process data. Apart from process-related designs, our heat exchanger is also classified according to categories and modules of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
This includes the strength analysis, design and manufacturing documentation as well as the final pressure test.
Each heat exchanger comes with an inspection certificate and a declaration of conformity.

We produce plastic Heat Exchangers for external use:

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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Plastic Heat Exchangers for internal use:

  • Surface Heat Exchangers
  • Modular Heat Exchangers
  • Circular Heat Exchangers
  • Supension / Plug-in Heat Exchangers
  • Mini Heat Exchangers

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